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Commercial Lease Review

Commercial  leases are often long, complicated agreements effecting the operation  and profitability of your company for many years.  Before you sign a  lease, it is essential that your lease includes the clauses and terms  necessary to protect the best interests of your company. A thorough  review of your lease by an attorney with experience in commercial real  estate leasing is necessary to determine if the lease is appropriate for  your company and reflects the terms negotiated by you or your broker.

    Your lease was likely written by an attorney hired to protect the best  interests of your landlord. Shouldn't you have an attorney looking out  for you?


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Areas of practice: Real estate lease and sale transactions including drafting, reviewing,  and negotiating original leases, as well as commercial office, retail,  and ground lease renewals.  Mediation and negotiation of real estate  disputes related to acquisition and disposition, property tax disputes,  and landlord/tenant disputes.  Commercial loan document preparation,  owner finance document preparation, wraparound financing and subject to  financing, as well as ancillary business services such as entity  formation and contracts for real estate investors, property owners, real  estate agents, brokers and brokerage companies.  Assisting residential  agents and brokers who want to make the transition from residential to  commercial or add commercial transactions to their existing practice.